-Prunis dulcis

For an almond tree (Prunus dulcis) to produce fruit, it requires a climate free from winter frosts. Although frost-sensitive, a chilling period of roughly 300 hours below 7ºC is needed to break dormancy. After this, growth-promoting hormones increase and when the temperature is warm enough, the tree will blossom.

Didn’t come here to read about almond trees? Bear with us…

Equinox + for spring/summer 22

In February, on a mission to ride in the new ADICTA LAB Equinox + collection for spring/summer 22, we hit the road. Unrooted, destination: To where the almonds are in blossom.

… Because, if it’s warm enough for almond trees to blossom, it’s warm enough to ride.

EQ+ design

EQ+ takes design inspiration from two of our core values: science and nature. It features a minimalist, technical road collection for men and women, developed with a science-led approach to better design, as well as validated fabrics that have been chosen for enhanced performance and decreased environmental impact.

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ADICTA LAB Equinox + collection
for spring/summer 22