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Our initial product offering is small and focused. We make the raw essentials, better with less, and we make them to last. Only pieces that we think you’ll need, in just a few variations, with no unnecessary details. We’ve kept our order quantities low to avoid waste. The more we get to know you, the better we’ll understand what you want and like, and adjust our offer accordingly.

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We make technical cycling apparel that is just as much about performance, as it is about the environment. Constantly rethinking and innovating, we bring new solutions that will improve your riding experience, with reduced impact on the nature we love to ride in.

Right now we:

- only work with factories and suppliers that offer high level conditions to their work force

- have a focussed product offering, with nothing unnecessary and reduced waste

- make better with less

- use timeless design and invest in quality fabrics and workmanship to ensure that every item is made to last

- choose next generation fabrics and technologies that support an environmentally green and clean future