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BMC has always focused on cycling innovation to create speed. But we know speed-creating innovation doesn’t stop at the bike. In 2019, people in and around BMC got to talking about the role of cycling apparel and a passion project was born: ADICTA LAB. While a holistic approach to creating speed remained a priority, a bigger opportunity was realized, namely, promoting sustainability in the bike industry.

Today, ADICTA LAB is part of the BMC Group. We are a premium Swiss performance cycling apparel company, sustainably creating technical products for cycling addicts.

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From our team in Grenchen, Switzerland to the BMC and wider riding communities worldwide, we believe we’re all connected by a collective experience, that “ride feeling." It’s not always about speed, suffering, or freedom. It’s different every time. It's unique to every one of us. It’s what keeps us coming back for more. It pushes us further, faster.

ADICTA LAB is about the rider and the road, the path, the trail. We're pursuing that state of connected perfection. No distractions. Our Lab is focussed on achieving this. Improved performance via an environmentally responsible approach. For the future of our planet. For the future of riding. We call it Win-Win.

But enough about us. Join the ADICTA LAB Members Circle and let's get to know each other.